The X Room @ Mardis Gras Formerly: Club Xstatic

100% love it
Nude male dancers
New England's premier all-male nude strip club offers great shows and private dances. 21+. Located in the Mardis Gras Complex.


Upcoming Events at The X Room @ Mardis Gras

    • BodyImage
      BodyImage Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Much Success On The Wonderfull Journey You Are About To Take!
      Just want to wish you guys the best on your venture. It is a prime, central location with the right demographics. You must invest some star power to kick it off with publicity and press to hype and expose the direction that you want to go. Do some footwork and check out the surrounding towns and realize that you have gem positions that you can pull inspiration from. Take a weekend Trip to Fort Lauderdale and Miami and take your notepads. Don't forget to stop at the "Birdcage Boardwalk," "Johnnies," Swinging Richards." Then go to Vermont with a new notepad. Make sure that you take with you on the journey as many creative gays that you can fit and give them each assignments. Have them scout for talent while on their mission as well. Make sure that you have been able to set up incentives for the dancers as they are the club. Make sure that you have something for every night and absolutely make sure that your web site is kept up to the moment!! Come up with special events for slow nights say...Tuesday night shaving cream wrestling. All you would need is a mat, cans of shaving cream and let the audience select by applause, which dancers will engage for the match. This, sexy little gem must be broadcast live throughout the club; there is nothing sexier than two hot naked guys covered in shaving cream rolling around on a matt with stiff cocks and listening to the audience cheer them on. The winners are decided by applause and receive the (take) for the night which could be substantial. Probably a charge of $3.00 for each bet (the theory being that if the customer is paying for the show and the customers money goes to the boys in the show, everyone is a winner. The ownership, with little investment has increased the take at the door, increased the bar tab for the evening, boosted a Tuesday night sales to a weekend night. Make it start early after work 6:00pm and end early 9:00 to make it comfortable for the working man and the older gents. Within two months you will be doing it 2 nights a week on demand. (see me if you need any help setting it up. Paul J. Ianni BodyImage Productions, Fort Lauderdale Florida/Hartford, Connecticut. 954-202-5643

    • Club Xstatic Sizzles!
      There is a place on Chestnut Street in Springfield, MA that has been one of comfort and solace for me. I have called it my "wonderland" A friendly and attentive staff, pulsating club beats and lights, and some of the most beautiful men I have ever encountered. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are looking for one of the best times in the Springfield area, step into Club Xstatic. It is the only fully nude male strip club in the state of Massachusetts and there are a wide variety of men to choose from. Whether you like them muscled or twinky or even want to see some twin action (brothers Mani and Gabriel usually work the same nights), Xstatic has dancers to please everyone's palate 7 days a week! The drinks are delicious as well and very reasonable priced and the men who make them are extremely sweet and approachable. A long island ice tea and a smile from Matt makes a dreary night delectable. If you want to get up close and personal with a favorite stud you met that night, you can! $20 gets you a 5 min private. You can decide if you want to spend a little extra after for more time with your favorite dancer. Samuel Velazquez, manager, has come up with some great theme nights. Recently there was an underwear party where patrons were clad in their skivvies and a contest was held. Other events include Jello-Wrestling, a pajama party, and a jungle themed evening! Hot muscular boys in loin cloths! Now there is a site! Velazquez always welcomes his customers with a warm hug and it is this familial atmosphere that I love so much. I highly recommend Club Xstatic for anyone who is looking for hot men and great times! Some of the best times of my life have happened in this club. Why not make some memories of your own?

    • darkgay64
      darkgay64 Over a year ago
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      Greatest male nude strippers
      Meet new and old male strippers. Balance your choice of any males. Great drinkers at bar. Also great manager Sam V!!

    • Ralbag
      Ralbag Over a year ago
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      Actually, really fantastic
      Okay, I had low expectations for Springfield MA. I went to the Basketball Hall of Fame and nearly flew home. BUT! Then I tried Club Xstatic. The name sucks, but the place was great. The atmostphere was great. The guys were HOT hot. Honestly, as good as anything in NY. I would actually make the trip for this place. And it is cheap by NY standards. Seriously. Absurdly better than anything in Chicago or Providence. There isn't anything in Boston.